Jupyter Community Call#

August 27th, 2019#

Date: August 27, 2019, at 9am Pacific (your timezone)

Link: Youtube Video



Think of it as a monthly, virtual JupyterCon. It’s a place to announce and share fun things happening in the Jupyter community.

For more discussion on the format of these calls, see the thread here.

Short reports, celebrations, shout-outs#

This is a place to make short announcements (without a need for discussion).

  • [x] Tracking Jupyter Newsletter, 22nd edition. Thank you, Tony Hirst!

  • [x] JupyterLab 1.1.0rc0 is up on PyPI and conda-forge. Please test! JupyterLab 1.1.0 will be released tomorrow.

    • pip install --pre jupyterlab==1.1.0rc0 or

    • conda install -c conda-forge/label/prerelease-jupyterlab jupyterlab=1.1.0rc0

  • [ ] [name=yournamehere]

Agenda Items#

Add agenda items here before the meeting. We will reorganize the agenda so that it fits in the 60m meeting slot.

  • [x] [name=Jupyter Cal Poly Intern Team] Rich Text JupyterLab extension

  • [x] [name=Jupyter Cal Poly Intern Team] Python Package Installer JupyterLab extension

  • [x] [name=Tony Fast] Gist to Binder

    • https://gist.github.com/Zsailer/6da0dc3c97ec873685b7fe58e52d36d7

    • People say reproducibility is hard.

    • User mybinder.org to generate a live notebook from a Gist.

    • dependencies in requirement.txt lead to a faster build.

  • [x] [name=Saul Shanabrook] JupyterLab Rich Context Extensions

    • [ ] Data registry with HDF5 Viewer

      • [ ] It’s meant to make it easier to create new extensions in JupyterLab that deal with different data formats. If you have a data viewer extension, you shouldn’t care if the data came from a file or from a notebook output or a database, you just want to be able to render a certain format.

      • [ ] Able to visualize HDF5 datasets using this extension too!

    • [ ] Metadata/linked data service


If you are joining the Jupyter Community Call, sign in below so we know who was here.

  • Zach | Jupyter Cal Poly | @Zsailer |

  • Derek | Jupyter Cal Poly (Intern) | @dLamSlo8 |

  • Isabela | Jupyter Cal Poly (Intern) | @isabela-pf |

  • Marisa | Jupyter Cal Poly (Intern) | @marisaaquilina |

  • Markelle | Jupyter Cal Poly (Intern) | @markellekelly |

  • Javier | Jupyter Cal Poly (Intern) | @javag97 |

  • Denton | Project Drawdown | @dgentry |

  • Tony | Quansight | @tonyfast |

  • Chico Venancio| BMC Group K. K.| @chicocvenancio|

  • Elizabeth DuPre | McGill University | @emdupre|

  • Wayne Decatur | Upstate Medical University | @fomightez|

  • Saul Shanabrook | Quansight | @saulshanabrook |

  • Joe | Mavenomics | @quigleyj-mavenomics|

  • A. T. Darian | Two Sigma | @afshin |

  • Erik Sundell | Sandvik | @consideRatio |

  • Kevin Bates | IBM | @kevin-bates |