Building automatically on ReadTheDocs#

This explains how to automatically rebuild documentation on ReadtheDocs every time a pull request is merged into its corresponding GitHub repo.

Using the ReadTheDocs service#

Webhooks and services can be enabled in GitHub repo settings to allow third party services such as ReadTheDocs. The ReadTheDocs service rebuilds the project documentation whenever a pull request is merged into the GitHub repo.

Add the ReadTheDocs service#

Select Add service and enter ReadTheDocs in the Available Services input box.

The Services/Add ReadTheDocs window will open. Press the green Add service button to activate the ReadTheDocs service.

In GitHub, the "Settings" tab of the ipywidgets repository shows that the "ReadTheDocs" service was successfully added to the project. A checkbox with the label "Active" indicates that the service is currently running.


The ReadTheDocs service is added successfully. The service will take effect on the next merged pull request to the project repo.

In GitHub, the ipywidgets repository page is open. A banner notification at the top of the page is displayed, reading "Okay, that hook was successfully created."

Created: 01-07-2016