Jupyter Enhancement Proposals#

Submitting an Enhancement Proposal#

While using the Notebook, you might discover opportunities for growth and ideas for useful new features. If so, feel free to submit an enhancement proposal. The process for submitting enhancements is as follows:

  1. Identify the scope of the enhancement. Is it a change that affects only on part of the codebase? Is the enhancement, to the best of your knowledge, fairly trivial to implement? If the scope of the enhancement is small, it should be be submitted as an issue in the project’s repository. If the scope of your enhancement is large, it should be submitted to the official Jupyter Enhancement Proposals repository.

  2. Prepare a brief write-up of the problem that your enhancement will address.

  3. Prepare a brief write-up of the proposed enhancement itself.

  4. If the scope of your enhancement (as defined in step 1) is large, then prepare a detailed write-up of how your enhancement can be potentially implemented.

  5. Identify a brief list of the pros and cons associated with implementing the enhancement that you propose.

  6. Identify the individuals who might be interested in implementing the enhancement.

  7. Depending on the scope of your enhancement, submit it either as an issue to the appropriate repository or as a Jupyter Enhancement Proposal.