Structuring a repo for docs#

Root level of the repo#

  • docs directory : All source files for documentation go here.

  • readthedocs.yml : configuration file for readthedocs to build using conda

The root level of the jupyter kernel_gateway repo. There are orange boxes surrounding two elements in the directory structure: the docs folder and the readthedocs.yml file. The docs folder is the first element in the directory. The readthedocs.yml file is the 12th item in the directory.

Inside the docs directory#

  • source directory : contains all content source files in .rst, .md, or .ipynb

  • makefile : used by Sphinx to build the docs

  • environment.yml : conda build instructions

The docs directory in the jupyter kernel_gateway repo (path: jupyter/kernel_gateway/docs). The first two elements in the directory are folders that have blue boxes surrounding them:  and .  The third and forth elements in the directory are files with orange boxes surrounding them:  and . There are two more files in the directory, which have no visual emphasis.


  • : Sphinx configuration file

  • index.rst of contents.rst : Sphinx master table of contents file

  • _static directory : contains images, drawings, icons

  • _templates directory: overrides theme templates and layouts

  • build directory : html files generated by Sphinx (do not check this directory into GitHub)