Tools for documentation#


For user documentation, contributor guides, and communications content, we use:

For developer API documentation (especially for JupyterLab js repos), we use:

Source file formats#

We use the following input source file formats when developing Sphinx documentation:

  • reStructuredText (.rst)

  • Markdown (.md)

  • Notebook (.ipynb)

A modern code editor should be used. Many are available including Atom, SublimeText, gedit, vim, emacs. Atom is a good choice for new contributors.

Sphinx themes#

Our projects use the following themes:

  • sphinx_rtd_theme (currently used by Jupyter projects)

  • jupyter_sphinx_theme (used by ipywidgets)

Git and Github Resources#

If this is your first time working with Github or git, you can leverage the following resources to learn about the tools.