February 23rd, 2021#

Date: February 23, 2021, at 9am Pacific (your timezone)


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Think of it as a monthly, virtual JupyterCon. It’s a place to announce and share fun things happening in the Jupyter community.

For more discussion on the format of these calls, see the thread here.

Short reports, celebrations, shout-outs#

  • Nick B: Are you excited by… JS license compliance? Feedback welcome on lab#9779 (screenshot)!

  • Nick B: The latest Lab RTC PR (demo) is 🔥!

  • Isabela Presedo-Floyd: If you are interested in helping run or host a community call, let me know (you won’t have to do it alone :sunflower:)!

  • Mike: pyls fork python-ls in cooperation with the Spyder team; preview of the changes to come in my personal fork (fast and more clever autocompletion for jupyterlab-lsp!)

  • Matt S: testbook had a talk at PyCascades around unittesting Jupyter Notebooks.

Agenda Items#

  • Loic Huder: short presentation of jupyter-h5web, a JLab extension to explore/visualize HDF5 files

  • Jagane Sundar: short presentation of InfinStor’s free hosted Jupyterhub service (https://infinstor.com), a Cloud hosted free Jupyterhub - our Jupyterhub service is free, you pay for Jupyterlab instance resources consumed

  • Frédéric Collonval: short presentation of papermill_report. JupyterHub service to generate report from notebooks combining papermill and nbconvert.

  • Nick B: demo of ipydrawio (🍴 with 💖 of @quantstack/jupyterlab-drawio), the full diagrams.net UI (with all plugins, themes, shapes…) for Lab 3. Supports *.{ipynb,drawio,png,svg} (plus .pdf, sorta)