Jupyter Community Call#

January 26th, 2021#

Date: January 26, 2021, at 9am Pacific (your timezone)


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Think of it as a monthly, virtual JupyterCon. It’s a place to announce and share fun things happening in the Jupyter community.

For more discussion on the format of these calls, see the thread here.

Short reports, celebrations, shout-outs#

This is a place to make short announcements (without a need for discussion).

  • Frédéric Collonval To improve visibility and group volunteer time on maintenance of popular JupyterLab extensions, a unofficial GitHub organization has been created: jupyterlab-contrib.

  • Isabela Presedo-Floyd In case you missed it, JupyterLab 3.0 is out! Congrats to the community and thanks for all the hard work that went into this release.

  • Isabela Presedo-Floyd I’ve seen a resurgence of community interest in making multiple Jupyter projects accessible. This is awesome! We also have a group of people meeting every other week to coordinate JupyterLab accessibility work (and talk about accessibility in general) that you can join from the community calendar.

  • Layne Sadler Plotly updated jupyter-dash labextension for 3.0 and vows to prebuild. issue

Agenda Items#

  • Nick Bollweg jupyterlab-lsp 3.2 on pypi & conda-forge. JupyterLab :three:. :eight: Language Client features. Ju(lia)+Py(thon)+R Language Servers+Kernel+Notebook, plus more. Pre-JEP Issue to move towards an official sub-project 🚀.

  • Nick Bollweg (or someone better :muscle:) JupyterLab 2.3.0rc0 is a performance-focused prerelease, on pypi/conda-forge, these features will land in 3.1. Ready for testing!

  • Frédéric Collonval: Leverage JupyterLab modularity to customize the UI with a alternative launcher and a cell toolbar - demonstrate easier distribution thanks to JLab3.

  • Corentin Cadiou: presentation of ipysphaghetti (name not settled yet) a JLab (3+) extension implementing a node-based approach to interact with your data.

  • Thorin Tabor: Notebook Projects, a mechanism for encapsulating multiple user environments in a JupyterHub instance


As a company, how do we start contributing?

  • @willingc follow the projects that seem most within your team’s wheelhouse

  • @jasongrout JupyterLab 4.0 release plans are underway. There may be items there, or things you want to contribute.

  • @jupyter/notebook is very starved for resources

    • has a weekly meeting just trying to keep the issue count down.

      • many are low-touch to at least get triaged

    • really any help welcome

  • @isabela-pf accessibility on all projects.

    • We have been starting with JupyterLab Components, etc. Notes for our meetings and all current team work live in this issue

    • And documentation in pydata-sphinx-theme (upstream of jupyter-book, etc.)

What would you like to see in community calls?

  • Overview of JupterLab 3




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